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Cyclone 5, how to read data from Generic Tristate Controller

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Hello everybody, this is my first post on this wanderfull forum. 


My question is very very stupid... How can i read data from a generic tristate controller? 

i have used in my design the altera ciclone 5 board. 


i have created a custom component in vhdl that act like a memory, with a 5 bit address line and a 32bit width data linee ecc. 

i have done other stuff and.... i have connect my component to the generic tri state contoller using a tristate conduit bridge. 


In qsys the base address of the generic tristate controller is 0x0000_0000 and end is 0x0000_001f.... it is possible? 


how can i read data from this device ?  


I dont need a code, i need an idea. How is mapped the generic tri state controller? 

if i need to read the data on my device at address 00001 (in address line), what i need to read from the generic tri state controller? 


Help me please :(
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