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Cyclone V SOC WS-3 linux device driver

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Hello All, 


I am using Cyclone V from Terasic Soc kit and now trying to make driver for Hps to FPGA bridge. 


I have Quartus and SOCEDS 15.0.  


I have started with Workshop 3 from rocketboard. 


So, I download image, set ENVIRONMENT variable. 


After that I try to execute first example which is lab_module. 


So basically I create KBUILD file, make file and after that While, I am trying to executete Make file I got error: makefile:2 *** OUT_DIR is undefined, bad environment. you point OUT_DIR to the linux kernel build ouutput Directory & stop.(PFA) 


Basically I am not able to execute make and it seems to be compilation error, and I am not able to build the kernel module.  


I already cross check environmental variable, its: 

export ARCH=arm; (for ARM achitecture) 

export CROSS_COMPILE= <path-to>/toolchain/arm-linux-gnueabihf (cross compiler toolchain) 

export OUT_DIR=<path-to>/socfpga-3.10-ltsi (linux kernel source tree) 


Could any one help me to solve this?
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