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DE0 downloading zImage fails

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I'm trying to get uClinux up and running on a DE0-nano board. 

My dev-environment is ubunutu 10.10. 

I downloaded all uClinux sources and compiled a zImage depending on  

description in altera wiki "Install NIOS II Linux" (including downgrading of gcc to 4.2...) 


After configuring the DE0 boerd with the *.sof I'm always failing in downloading the zImage to the board 

with the following message: 


h-i686-mingw32\bin\nios2-elf-objcopy.exe:zimage: file format not recognized 

zimage.srec: unable to open input file 

rm: cannot remove 'zimage.srec': no such file or directory 


Has anyone please a hint how to solve this problem ... ? 





Meanwhile I found a reference project for the DE0-Nano. With this precompiled files .sof and zImage everythings working perfect. I can flash (from within nios2-command shell of windows! the linux version is not working) the sof and after that I'm downloading the zImage => the nios2-terminal shows me the booting linux and gives me the command shell... 


But I still can't get my own compiled zImage to run :(  

None of the zImages I made can't be extracted to srec-Format. 

What configuration option is here missing / Where can I configure the srec format in uClinux-dist? 




EDIT 2: 


Finally I found the problem:  

I transfered the zImage to my Windows (so that i can use the nio2-command-shell tools) 

using FTP and this destroyed my image. After switching the transfer mode AGAIN back to binary mode, the transfer is OK.  

It's curious because I have changed the transfer mode to binary long time ago when I compiled some other uClinux projects with my machine... 



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