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DE2-115 MP3-Player mman.h Problem

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Hello Alteraforum, 


I am searching for help, with the libMAD. I use the wave-Example from the user-disc and want to expend this with decoding MP3's.  

I use the libMAD library and the minimad.c example.  


Everything is fine, i think. But I can't implement the mman.h header, it would not be find (mman.h -> no such file or directory) but when i  

open the declaration - it would be find.  


I use windows and doesn't use linux, is there an other possibilty to create a stream without the " mmap() " which have the same properties.  


Has someone here an easy example for the DE2-Family that he would share with me, where you decode an MP3 with libMAD?  


Any example code would be really appreciated. 


Thx for your Answers!!  


Yours, Sascha
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