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DMA MM Avalon connections

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I'm working with QSYS and I'm trying to use a dedicate DMA to the transfer from a flash memory to an off-chip SRAM (I'm actually working on a DE2-115, so I'm using on-board memories). I'm attaching the QSYS diagram to this post. 


The SRAM controller is the one from University Program for DE2-115; the flash controller (and all subsequent peripherals) has been generated by the command "Run SOPC Builder to QSYS Upgrade" from a "Flash Memory Interface" peripheral. The DMA has the settings shown in the file attached (with all the transfer enabled on the second page). 


From the log of the QSYS system generation I'm having the following issue: 

"Warning: 16-bit master connected to 32-bit slave with no byte enables (my_qsys_system_flash_to_sram_dma/write_master -> yyexport_write_master/opp) at c:/altera/11.0sp1/quartus/sopc_builder/bin/europa/ line 248."  


I initially ignored this warning, but when I tried to use DMA in my application software I couldn't get my transfer done (transmit and receive commands are correctly sent but the transfer never takes place).  


How can I overcome this problem? 



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