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DS-5, how can i make launching the debugger from the command-line console

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Hallo, every one:  


I have a big Problem to ask here and i need your help: 


We use the Altera Cyclone V SOC(Cortex A9) Chip in our project. 


Wenn we work under DS-5. with Debug directly in DS-5 there is no Problem, but i want with DS-5 Command Prompt using "debugger" command to debug our Chip, so i have found some info: 


-> debugger --target --script ... 


so what should i do with the target Option? i have tryed with our gdbserver(, but it do not worked, then i must use a RVC file or what(how can i get the RVC file)? Could someone help me? 


Thanks a lot, Guys! 



wenguo hu
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It is not to run debugger, but may help to start with DS-5 command line :)
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