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Design files for Avalon PWM

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Hi all,  


I am just starting to learn about how to develop peripherals for sopc builder, all the examples or explanation that I got from website use the design files for Avalon PWM. I really need those files to understand better. 


Does anyone have the design files for Avalon PWM since the files have been removed from the website? 


In Altera application note 333 Developing Peripherals for 

SOPC Builder, page 1, it is stated that the design files (Avalon_PWM_1C20) can be found in the given link as pasted below. 

This document and the associated design files are available from the Altera® SOPC Builder literature web page at (

lit-sop.jsp. Two examples design examples are provided: 

■ A pulse width modulator (PWM) design implemented as a simple Avalon slave peripheral  


I have been searching high and low but could not find in the website.  


I appreciate if anyone has the design files for Avalon PWM, could you please send me the files? Thank you very much. 









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