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ESOC Board Fatal Error

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I continue to get this message: 


*** Fatal Error: Access Violation at 0X4C08BBDA 

Current editor: GED 

Module: quartus.exe 

Stack Trace: 

0x8bbda: SECDockState::ApplyControlBarExtendedStyles + 0x8a (AOT803AS) 

0x4e8a: AFC_CHILD_DOCK_STATE::SetDockState + 0xba (GCL_AFC) 

0x4bc68: AFC_CHILD_FRAME::load_toolbar_state + 0x2c8 (GCL_AFC) 

0x1681f: DispatchMessageW + 0x52f (USER32) 



This is when I try to assign pins. I have reloaded the software, and even ESOC board drivers. I can not do my assignments. Any idea how to get rid of this error?
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HPS pins shouldn't be manually assigned, let the HPS component generated from Qsys take care of that (include the Qsys .qip file and this will be automated). The only assignments you should make for HPS pins are characteristics like I/O level, drive strength, etc... 


Don't forget to run the pin .tcl script for the HPS SDRAM controller, it's the same script you run for non-HPS memory controllers.
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