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Ethernet data stream from HPS On-Chip RAM

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Has anyone managed to send the data stream from HPS On-Chip RAM in Linux using Ethernet? Does the Altera's Ethernet driver supports this? Or does the data must be in the HPS SDRAM? 



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I don't know about the Linux driver. 

Also, to the best of my knowledge, Altera does not provide an Ethernet driver with the hwlib (as of SocEDS 16.0) 

We offer a free driver package for the Cyclone V, Arria 5 & 10 and it includes a standalone driver for the EMAC (working demo witrh full source code is included). 

You should be able to use it, completely independent from Linux as it only handle the raw Ethernet packets. 


You can request the package at 

It's released under a BSD-2 license, so you can modify the code at will and even include it in commercial products. 


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