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Failed Executing

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Hi all, 


I Quartus Web Edition 10.1, I loaded a project nios FPGA. (Terasic DE1) 


only with on-chip memory, the run goes well, 

When I put the sdram, I get: 


Failed Executing: [nios2-download '- = USB-Blaster cable on localhost [USB-0]', - device = 1, - instance = 0, - g, - 


An exception stack trace is not available. 


Using cable "USB-Blaster [USB-0]", device 1, instance 0x00 

Already processor is paused 

Reading System ID at address 0x01009878: verified 

Initializing CPU cache (if present) 



Downloading 00800000 (0%) 

Downloading 008051D0 (98%) 

Downloading 01004000 (99%) 

Downloaded 21KB in 0.3s (70.0KB / s) 


Verifying 00800000 (0%) 

Between verify failed address 0x800000 and 0x8050DB 

Leaving target processor paused 


jtag my configuration is: 

USB-Blaster [USB-0] 

020B30DD EP2C15/20 

Node 19104600 

Node 0C006E00 

Node 00086E00 


can anyone help me? 

Thank you all.
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SDRAM has special clock skew requirements, therefore you can't use the same clock with NIOS. If I remember correctly, the SDRAM clock needs to lead the NIOS clock by 3 ns. 


Use a PLL to generate a clock that leads the NIOS clock by 3 ns and use it for the SDRAM.
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I did it but still does not work. 


Thank you for answer!
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