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Golden Design Guidance

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I'm attempting to re-create the golden hardware design for the "de0-nano-SoC" or "Atlas SoC". 


Out of the box the device will boot and perform all of the basic functions. I can even compile and run code on it.  


However, if I try to use the design as is within the path: 



Nothing works. I've regenerated both the .rbf and .dtb then updated the using mkimage on the existing "boot.script" to create a new boot.scr to point to the updated files.  


I am able to use mkimage to re-create the OEM "boot.scr" and still boot. 


My setup is ahead of rocketboards guides. Using the golden reference design included on the installation CD and building it using Altera / Quartus 15.0 + updates.  


My steps for the GHRD in the path above: 

* use QSYS to update / generate the soc_system.qsys. 

* run the .tcl script generated by QSYS including the sdram pin locations and settings. 

* re-compile everything within Quartus including the new system. 


Boot-up looks as though the FPGA is never configured. I don't know what else to look at except that a flashing LED test within the FPGA code never starts. 


If I program the .sof with the test LED code using a board that is "live" then the LED flashes. It's only when I try to boot and configure the FPGA that things are dead. 


This has to be a fundamental misunderstanding on my part.  


Thanks in advance for your help! 

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Hi, did you try to download a version from the terasic web? I mean the cd content. it may contain updated cd content. Got 1.08 there. 


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