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HPS side connected to mailbox

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I'm trying to communicate data between the nios and the hps by using 2 mailboxes. Should I use the altera avalon mailbox simple core, the altera avalon mailbox core, or through mmap to communicate with the mailbox in Linux? Originally I was using the altera avalon mailbox simple core but with the mailbox connected to the light-weight bridge in qsys, I'm not sure I can use the address of the mailbox because the altera_avalon_mailbox_open function requires the name of the mailbox as the parameter rather than the address. I looked online and saw an altera powerpoint tutorial for "Building Multi-Processor FPGA Systems" where they're using mmap. This can be seen in the image attached. I wanted to use the mailbox core which seems easier to communicate data between the nios and the hps over using mmap. 


Please let me know if it's possible to use the mailbox simple core for the HPS side in Linux. 


Thank you
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