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Having troubles with my first Nios project

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Hey guys, 


I am currently working on my first Nios project that communicates with an RTL component through the Avalon slave interface. I managed to get everything setup and instantiated in Qsys with no problems, however I am facing a few problem with the Eclipse software build tools.  


Ideally I would like to do my programming in assembly. I created a .S file (heard there are issues with .s?) but am receiving an error in the makefile. Specifically, the .slf file. There is also a message in the output log about an undefined reference to main. I do not have the specific errors handy right now, but I will post the ones I am getting tomorrow morning. Are there any other files that need to be include other than a .S file? I was only including a .S file, is this an issue? Are there any good references out there to creating an assembly project for the Nios? I havent been able to find much on the subject. 


Also, since I will be communicating out via the Avalon master, how is this done in assembly? I know I can use IOWR(),IORD() functions to access Avalon-MM registers in C, but am not sure about the assembly registers.  


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