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How get I get rid of installed driver

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I've been playing around (to learn) with sw.tcl for my interface. It isn't quite right and I need to progress beyond that for now and will come back to it later. It's actual a sw package, or bsp lib, and not a driver but in any case I can't get rid of it now. 


I went to the ip/device directory and removed the sw.tcl file and all of the directories and .h & .c files from the ip/device/. Now all that is in the ip/device directory is my .vhdl and hw.tcl. 


I went to the bsp directory drivers/src and deleted the .c file and di the same for drivers/inc. 


Now from my project root directory I can search for these .h & .c files and they are not found. 


I opened qsys and delet the component from my design and reinserted it, hook it up, reassign address, saved it, & Generated. Then in Quartus, I compiled and programmed. Then in eclipse I generated bsp. And every time I do, the files show up again in the bsp drivers/src and drivers/inc directories. 


Where in the world are they coming from and how do I get rid of them? 




Additionally, I created a completely different bsp and app. The files showed up there too.
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