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How to clear or reprogram S25FL128SAGMFi011 on DE-1 SoC (Altera FPGA) ?


Hi Officer,


I am currently trying to download flash (both sof and elf)file to EPCS (S25FL128SAGMFi011) on DE-1 SoC (Cyclone V 5CSEMA5F31C6).

By using the method in AN98558, I have succeeded downloading everything to my FPGA board and the command shell displays everything correctly. But it can only be proceeded once.

After the first time, I power off and on the FPGA board. Then I will get this error in Nios2 command shell: Error(209014): CONF_DONE pin failed to go high in device 2. Make sure all communication cables are securely connected, select a different device, check the power on the target system, or make sure all nCE pins are connected to GND.

I am a software engineer and I don't find any settings on Quartus that can set these pins. My questions are:

1.How can I reprogram the EPCS again via Nios2 command shell?

2. Do I need to use any external circuits or devices to actually set these pins to GND?


I am using Quartus 18.1 on windows 11 and the methods for Quartus 17 mentioned in AN98558 works perfect for me. I have attached the pictures of FPGA, S25FL128SAGMFi011 and the error message below. 

Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thank you.

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