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How to organize data stream through AMBA bus between FPGA and HPS (with Linux)?

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Hi everybody, 

I'm currently looking into how to transfer data between HPS and FPGA via AMBA AXI-interface. HPS is supposed to run Linux. Is it possible to do it using board support package provided by Altera (Golden System Reference Design, corresponding Linux device drivers, device-tree, etc.) or I need to write my own device driver to interact with AXI-interface?
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First read Cyclone V SoC device handbook especially on HPS-FPGA bridges. 

Then examine a simpler Examples in the installed EDS_SOC (\embedded\examples). Use LW_HPS-FPGA bridge and GPIO Linux example. 

A more complex design is the VipDemo for Arrow SoCKit (run linux, and use bridges between FPGA-HPS portions). 


There are full descriptions about functions under your installed EDS_SOC directory: 

SoCAL: as abstraction layer for SoC (similar to Nios's HAL) 

HWLib: Hardware Libraries 

Altera HWLib and SOCAL API pages: 





I hope these helps to start your work. 


best regards 


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