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How to program MAX10 based On-Board USB Blaster II ?


In one of our design we are planing to use MAX10 based onboard USB Blaster II.

Intel USB Blaster.png


Initially Everything is unprogrammed 

What is the procedure for programming FX2 Controller and MAX10 ?

After programming, is there any mode change to work as USB Blaster II?



Prashanth Kumar G N


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You could take a look at the following AN:


But, don't expect Intel (Altera) to share copy-righted code/design on the Embedded USB Blaster II technology. You will have to figure this out by yourself using the links provided.


One observation is that, this FX2 USB controller has been used to configure the FPGA at the end and thats about it. What you're trying to do is to configure the Max10 and then use it to configure another FPGA downstream. This is what Intel(Altera's) Embedded USB Blaster-II does.


To do this, you will have to use a CPLD which will have your custom design which mimics the USB Blaster functionality already configured onto it and then use it to pass on/configure the next downstream FPGA configuration data.

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