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Is Altera a Leader in SoC?

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Hello, here's a quick discussion piece. Is Altera a leader in SoC's and SoC development software or is the leader Xilinx? It seems to me that Altera is not as far as Xilinx in the "All Programmable" world of System on a Chip. If the future is these devices with embedded ARM processors it seems to me that Xilinx is on the big wave while Altera has been slow.  


Let me know your comments?
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Joe - 


You already asked this question a couple of months ago: 


I think Tricky summed things up for you in that thread very well. Nothing has changed in the last two months so why post the question again? 


For what it's worth, I agree with everything Tricky said. 


Edit: Sorry, Joe - I just noticed that Tricky responded today to your post from June. Now I understand why you posted again.
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