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Is it ok to replace or update Quartus's Cygwin installation?

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Precisely 2 Question: 

1. Is it Ok to replace delete Quartus's Cygwin installation and put a newly customized cygwin package in same default location? 

location such as 




2. Is it Ok to use latest cygwin setup exe (from to update & install some other tools on Quartus's Cygwin installation? 

like targeting the installation locaton by: 

setup-x86.exe -R "C:\altera\13.1\quartus\bin\cygwin" -l E:\cygwin_pack_forInstall\ -v -P wget,chere,mintty,lynx 


"Is it OK" means... will it cause error / weird symptoms in Quartus/NiosII/Qsys during build or the built binary-outcome? 


Don't know has anybody had any study in such methods? :S 



My scenario is, me & my colleagues all installed Quartus 13.1(windows version) 

We might use NiosII shell to modify/enhance some workflow, this may need install/update some additional packages on cygwin 

But i don't want to open another cygwin shell / install another cygwin installation to accomplish such enhancement. :S 


And precisely one of the problem now is I found the default installed mintty working weird. (need press twice close button to close) 

But if I update mintty, the problem is gone!
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