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LXDE-SoC looking for SPI Driver

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Hi there, I need your help. 

I have been working on a web server that edit on a binary file in the server. 

also using DE1-SoC . I have installed the LXDE image over it which works perfectly. 

and now I have gotten with one of two problems before I upload my work into the board  

-/ my LXDE version have the full web server system that I need. But there is no SPI driver can be installed or use here !!!.  

-/ I can use the console version which have the SPI Driver.But there is no web server can be over this version !!!. 


all what I need is a way that I can have inside the board both of (SPI Driver) and (Web server) 

your help and advice is highly appreciated  





is there any SPI Driver tutorial that can be mentioned here or any other solution to be mentioned too !! 

can I install at least the web server on the console image for the board !!
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