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MAX1050DAF256I7G Nios2 Timer interrupt issue


Hi Sir/Madam,

We are working MAX1050DAF256I7G device.
We are using NIOS as co-processor.

We have a
--> qsys system with timer to generate interrupt(we are generating interrupt by configuring it during system initialization).
--> bootloader application which uses above qsys with reset address 0x00000000
--> main application, which also uses above qsys with different reset address 0x00020000

1> Now when we use timer in bootloader, it works perfectly fine. We are able to get interrupt from timer. But as soon as we jump to main application from bootloader, we are not getting timer interrups
We have done all the ststem initialization & timer initialization in main application as well

2> For testing, when are using only main application(no bootloader), then also we are getting interrupt from timer

3> So our observation is that, when we are jumping from bootloader to main application, something is not going well & causing timer to not behave as expected.

Kindly help us in debugging/solving above mentioned issue.

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