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Migrating to 12.1sp1: failed with SEVERE error

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I updated my Quartus to 12.1.sp1. After re-generating my SOPC system and synthesized my VHDL files including the generated SOPC sytem, I fail generating a BSP: 


$ ./ ./ Running "nios2-bsp-generate-files --bsp-dir . --settings settings.bsp" INFO: Generating BSP files... INFO: nios2-bsp-generate-files --bsp-dir . --settings settings.bsp INFO: Initializing BSP components... INFO: Finished initializing BSP components. Total time taken = 2 seconds INFO: Searching for BSP components with category: os_software_element INFO: Initializing SOPC project local software IP INFO: <b>/home/andreas/platform/dionysos/quartus/*</b> matched 64 files in 0.02 seconds INFO: <b>/home/andreas/platform/dionysos/quartus/*/*_sw.tcl</b> matched 0 files in 0.02 seconds INFO: <b>/home/andreas/platform/dionysos/quartus/ip/**/*_sw.tcl</b> matched 0 files in 0.00 seconds INFO: <b>/home/andreas/platform/dionysos/ip/**/*_sw.tcl</b> matched 0 files in 0.00 seconds INFO: Finished initializing SOPC project local software IP. Total time taken = 2 seconds SEVERE: BSP software component catalog cards not found for type: hal:12.0 SEVERE: nios2-bsp-generate-files failed. nios2-bsp-generate-files --bsp-dir . --settings settings.bsp failed  


Is this a version conflict? How can I resolve it? 




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I solved it my myself ;-) 


Just delete or move your bsp/settings.bsp and generate a new one: 


$ mv settings.bsp settings.bsp.old $ nios2-bsp-editor  


File -> New BSP... 


See attached
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