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Mirel 9031 don`t startup

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Dear Experts! 

I'm developing a prototype device based on SoC Cyclone V, developed the circuit, layout the board, assembled the prototype, launched DDR3, SD. Prior to this, the FPGA project worked on debug board (DeoNano). Rested in Linux, or rather in the Ethernet part. Collected the kernel 3.11 ltsi, enabled CMA, compiled. I corrected dtb, ubut, rolled on the card according to the standard method. The kernel is loaded and i see eth0 is active (9031 Micrel is installed on it), its all: ... no way - the Ethernet does not get up.) I'm sinning on my motherboard. Returning to DeoNano. I'm still doing the same thing on rgmii1, I'm quiet again.What to do with a linux core to raise mikrel? I hope for your help.
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