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Multitasking On Nios-II (Modified Simple Socket Server Example)

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Hello There, 


I am Trying to do multitasking on nios-ii by modifying the Simple Socket Server example and Hello MicroC/OS-II. 


1. Task Receive TCP Data (Using Task TCPRXTask ) 

2. Task Transmit TCP Data (Using Task TCPTXTask ) 

3. Task Receive UDP Data (Using Task UDPRXTask ) 


* Attached is my Project 




When i put all these functionality (receiving and transmitting TCP data and receiving UDP data) in single application that is main HMI Task it work fine (no multitasking, all there functionality work in sequential manner one by one). 


but when i enable all these above mentioned function it simple won't work, it seems my task are not working 


Please comment on my attached Project. 


My aim is to Nios-II Board have three independent running task that (1) Receive, (2) Transmit TCP/IP data and also (3) Receive UDP data. 


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