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NIOSII Linker Hanging

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I'm trying to run the simple_socket_server example on my Cyclone III NiosII embedded development board, however; the NiosII SBT hangs everytime it tries to link the ELF file. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the tools with no change. Any suggestions? Below is the output of the linker prior to hanging. 


Info: Linking niosII_simple_socket_server_0.elf 

nios2-elf-g++ -T'../noisII_simple_socket_server_0_bsp//linker.x' -msys-crt0='../noisII_simple_socket_server_0_bsp//obj/HAL/src/crt0.o' -msys-lib=ucosii_bsp -L../noisII_simple_socket_server_0_bsp/ -Wl, -O0 -g -Wall -EL -mhw-div -mhw-mul -mno-hw-mulx -o niosII_simple_socket_server_0.elf obj/alt_eeprom/alt_2_wire.o obj/alt_eeprom/alt_eeprom.o obj/alt_error_handler.o obj/iniche_init.o obj/led.o obj/niosII_simple_socket_server.o obj/tse_my_system.o -lm  

nios2-elf-insert niosII_simple_socket_server_0.elf --thread_model ucosii --cpu_name cpu --qsys true --simulation_enabled false --id 0 --sidp 0x800e000 --timestamp 1305011502 --stderr_dev peripheral_subsystem_jtag_uart --stdin_dev peripheral_subsystem_jtag_uart --stdout_dev peripheral_subsystem_jtag_uart --sopc_system_name eth_std_main_system --quartus_project_dir "C:/Users/MellickDA/Desktop/workspace/niosii-ethernet-standard-3c120/niosii-ethernet-standard-3c120" 

make: *** Deleting file `niosII_simple_socket_server_0.elf'
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That is the command line (and other output) from 'make'. 

The last line implies that 'nios2-elf-g++' exited with an error (otherwise make wouldn't delete the target (in case it is a part-file). 

No error message is given - and there is no obvious reason for a 'hang'. 


Looking at the command line, I'm not sure that the latter options (those starting --) should be passed to g++, they are all Altera specific.
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