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Nios II SSS Stop working after a while

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Hi everybody,  


As explained on the title I have a strange TCP/IP problem using the Simple Socket Server which run smoothly on my design. 


Let me explain, my computer reads a lot of data from a binary file and sends these data to the FPGA which have to send these data back to the computer after a short process. 


The design work perfectly for the first 800Mbytes that are sent to the FPGA but after a while, it seems that the SSS stop receiving new data. 

No matter what data are sent, after 800Mbytes the Simple Socket Server seems to stop working and doesn't receive data anymore.  


My client application stops after a TCP send() function and my Simple Socket Server seems to stop in an endless loop after the "[sss_handle_receive] processing RX data" 


Does anyone has a suggestion about how to bypass this problem? 


Thank you in advance, 




EDIT: Nevermind, I found the solution of my problem in the Software. Topic closed
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