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Nios II license expiration

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We've been using a license for Nios II since 2007. It has always allowed us to generate /s and /f versions of the CPU in SOPC Builder including 12.0sp2. We want to move to QSys, but we are seemingly unable to generate a licensed CPU in QSys with this license. 


Does the Nios II license expire ? Or is there a Nios II version for QSys that needs to be licensed separately ?
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With QSYS, Nios licensing seems to be a little different :  

Nios II/e is free 

Nios II/s and /f are licensed. 


While with SOPCBuilder, all Nios II (/e /s and /f) are to be licensed (by fee or by buying an Altera NIOS kit) 


So, not 100% sure,  


and yes.
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