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PCIe driver for Linux - Cyclon IV Trans. Starter kit

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Hi all, 

I was working with this kit few weeks ago and got through Jungo Driver the PCIe driver working on Linux OS but now i'm trying to use it (PCIe driver) on my application. I got hundreds of errors when i compile it. My project is a Socket server developed in C. I'm using eclipse to work on it and Linux GCC to compile the project. So the question is the following: 

- Do you know which files should i add to my project to be able to use the driver?? Because there are a lot of source files (*.c), headers (*.h) and libraries supplied by Jungo Driver. I have added a lot of files but still got lot of errors. 

Maybe there is some information that i couldn't get yet and you guys can help me or maybe someone has worked in a similar project, so on. 

Thanks in advance. 


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If you just want to access the PCIe device as a memory mapped device under Linux, then you do not need a driver at all. See the pci_debug program in the zip file in this thread for an example: 


Once you need to use interrupts, then you do need a driver. 



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