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Please help regarding recovering legacy production build environment


I have inherited some production source code that might not be complete. It does seem to be a complete source code environment for using an Nios II embedded processor with linux kernel.


However, my question is about the Stratix IV FPGA itself. It seems like I should be able to find some source, some HDL, or some configuration files that define the desired configuration of the FPGA *outside* of the Nios II processor. What do those files look like, or for what file extent should I search? For example, I would think there needs to be a file that tells the tools that there's an Nios II embedded processor at all. Furthermore, that processor may need capabilities configuration, as well as connectivity to other FPGA resources (DDR3?) or pins. And there is likely some HDL or IP for further connecting (glue logic?) the processor to FPGA resources or pins. (Contrast this with a single 'flag' that magically tells the tools to do everything automagically and spit out a fully working computer onto which to put the linux kernel. I doubt this...)


Please note that I've studied a tutorial and some other doc. But I don't have access to hardware to test with. Neither the tutorial nor doc are clear about this "first base" kind of stuff...



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