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Porting UCOS on AM3517.

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Dear All, 


I am NewBie to the uCOS family ... can any one post some helpful Links for porting UCOS on Am3517. 


I have Some basic daughts Like.... 

the source code provided by the distributor for some SOM module ....needs to be compiled and then we need to place the output file like image file to the controller as we often do in RTLinux porting ..placing uImage using u-boot loader. 



If i need to compile which compiler i need ...or what compilers i shpuld use with respect to the target controller. 



We are in initial stages of fixing the source code and compilers for the target controller.. 


I wish your Expertise views on this ...Please guide me through for the development Environment Setup with Am3517..UCOS..and compiler....i am literally not aware of the compiler which i should download and Used.. 


Thanks and regards 

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This isn't the right place to ask this. This forum is about Altera FPGAs and the Nios II CPU. You should try a uC OS or TI forum. 


Good luck!
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