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Problem with the Evalboard Terasic DE0_Nano with the AlterA Cyclone EP4CE22F17C6N

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Hi guys, 


i have another problem with the Terasic Evalboard DE0_Nano with the AlterA Cyclone EP4CE22F17C6N. I start the Demonstration DE0_Nano_SOPC_DEMO. After succesful Generating of the qip files and successful compilation in Quartus, i have a problem when starting a simple Hello World project with the board. Igenerate BSP and build the project successful. When I launch the Nios II I don't get the output i want in the Nios Console. Sometimes no output, sometimes the correct output and sometimes some strange letters. 

It seems to be that there is no connection problem, because of correct SysId in the Launch Configuration. 

The reset and exception Vectors are on the sdram of the board.  

Does anyone has an idea what the problem could be? 


Could it be a mistake in the configuration Launcher in the Nios Embedded Design Suite ?  


Does anyone have an idea ?
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I had a development kit that exhibited strange symptoms similar to what you've described.. It turned out to be damage caused by static electricity. We weren't taking proper static precautions and the board was damaged but not inoperable. We had to have it repaired. 


The give away was that it also stopped working with the factory created configuration files. See if your board is working with the factory configuration.
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