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Quartus and NIOS launch in Ubuntu 12.04

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I have installed Quartus II 12.1sp1 on Ubuntu 12.04LTS.  


I was unable to launch Quartus from the Dash. I found it in the /home/username/altera/12.1sp1/quartus/bin folder. I now have to launch it from the terminal everytime I need to launch it. How can I add it to the Dash? 


Also, I am unable to launch NIOS II. I tried searching it in the home/username/altera/12.1sp1/nios2eds directory but cannot launch it. Getting the error: ./nios2-ide: 17: exec: /bin/eclipse/nios2-ide: not found 


How can I launch NIOS II? 



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  1. This forum is about running Linux on Nios II, not running Quartus/Nios tools on Linux. 

  2. You need to run /opt/altera/nios2eds/ to set up the environment, including your PATH to run nios2 tools. 

  3. nios2-ide was been replaced by eclipse-nios2 about 3 years ago. 

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