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Reg Some Random Error and Reset of NIOS

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Hi All... Need some help soon.. am going in loops here... 


Am implementing a keypad display using NIOS II for our project. (Quartus II 13.0) 


Am having 5 keypad interrupts(inputs) and two timer interrupts (for delays and blinking)...  


my code has a master structure which i pass as context to the interrupts routines.  


In my main code my program gets some error in function call lines and gets terminated and restarts.  


Am not able to debug (or) understand the disassembly at the time of error. Am beating around the bush for past week or so. Kindly help in solving this issue. 


Does a function like this cause some issue ? VVV 


compiledispline(lineout[currline], datard, caption, unit_s, currline, contextstruct); This has 4 strings, one int and one Struct... it further has around 10-12 variables....  


Mostly i pass the same vars to my other functions also... and the program terminates on function call in debug mode...
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Hey... i have sorted out the issue miself, it was with my timer interrupts.. there was a small delay timer in my system running continuously which was interacting with the normal operation, thanks.

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