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Share SDRAM with other Cores

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I want to share my SDRAM (connected to the nios data master) with other component, in my case "Pixel buffer DMA Controller" ip core 

also i want to use this sdram as my main nios memory which execute the application, if i connect the pixel buffer dma controller to the sdram it create a conflict and my nios application fail to run, currently there is no other kind of memory available on my board 


please give me some suggestion to solve the problem
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Are your NIOS and your "Pixel Buffer DMA Controller" both attempting to use the same portion of SDRAM (e.g. base address 0x00000000) ? In other words, the DMA is writing to the location in SDRAM where the NIOS instructions or data are stored. 


There is no problem having multiple components connected to the same SDRAM.  


The problem which you may eventually run into is lack of bandwidth to the SDRAM to support your video, but just adding a NIOS isn't enough to cause that.
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