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TSE mac / 88e1111 PHY configuration

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Hello all ! 


I'm trying to send data from my PC to my nios2 system over ethernet. Im using a cyclone 4 gx starter board. The design is the standard BTS system witch include a gigabyte MAC, Marvell 88E1111 PHY , 2 sgdma (tx/rx) and a descriptor onchip memory. 


My problem is that i don't know were to start from , and can't find a good and simple reference design.  


Does anyone have a basic reference design, or something else that i can start from (some cookbook or relevant altera's ref) ?  


Thanks , 

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In the IDS you should be able to start a software project from a default template. IIRC there are two templates that can be useful for you, the Simple Sockets Server and the Web Server. Both are a good starting point.

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