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The Code/s Which Will Set the Internal Osc. to 4MHz for PIC16F628

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Good day, 

Could you please help me with the code/s which will set the internal Osc. to 4MHz for a PIC16F628. 


I used the following for a external Crystal for 4MHz. 


Device = 16F628( pic16f628 pdf ( ) 

Xtal = 4 

All_Digital = True 


Dim D As Word 


Int: TRISB = %00000000 

PORTB = 0 

D = 150 


Main: High PORTB.0 

DelayMS D 

Low PORTB.0 

GoTo Main 


Now I would like to use the internal Osc. to do the same as the external Osc. 


Thanks very much
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Hello Whatry, 


Your question is even more likely to get answered properly on the MICROCHIP forum. 

This forum is for INTEL/ALTERA products, MICROCHIP is another company. is the MICROCHIP forum. 


Best Regards, 

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