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Unable to create Altera Baremetal GCC project - Toolchain type doesn't exist

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So, I'm working with my Arria 10 Soc dev kit, and want to build a baremetal hello world app. Simple enough. So, following the directions from the latest EDS UG, section 6.2.2 GCC-Based Bare-Metal Project Management, under Create Project, step 3 says that I should choose "Altera Baremetal GCC" as the toolchain. 


Unfortunately, this option doesn't exist. I searched online and in the Altera forums, suspecting somebody else surely must have encountered this. I found one thread on the Altera forums that seems to indicate that numerous others have encountered this same problem. However, no real solution is presented.  


It seems to me that I should be able to easily follow the directions in the documentation to achieve simple results. Am I doing something wrong? If so, what? If not, how do I resolve this issue? It is blocking me from making further progress on a high visibility project. 


BTW, I searched through the reste of the UG to see if there were further directions on how to install this toolchain, but found nothing. 


I could really use some help. 



Dave Novick 

Intel Corp.
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Quick update. While the project type doesn't appear in the GUI as per the documentation, it does appear that the proper toolchain is installed. According to the docs, the bare metal compiler is a branch of the Mentor Code Sourcery Compiler. It also states that the toolchain can be found at <EDS install>/host_tools/mentor/gnu/arm/baremetal. I checked my install, and it appears that the tools are installed. 


So...what do I need to do to get this project type visible in the Eclipse GUI? 



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