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Using DE0 Board And NIOSII To Connect SRF05 Sensor

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I have purchased this DE0 board, a breadboard and a SRF05 sensor. I have basic knowledge of C and would like to create a sensor to detect the distance from an object in cm, I would like to do that coding myself, however I am having issues reading the sensors information and believe I have connected it wrong. The questions I would like to ask are; 

  • What function starts the sensor? 

  • What function to stop the sensor? 

  • What function to display the result? 

  • Is there a diagram I can follow to correctly connect the devices? 

  • What test can be run to see if the sensor is connected properly? 



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has most of the details on how the sensor works. 


I would suggest to start learning verilog or VHDL.  


This could be used with a simple GPIO's and timers. If you have a reference design that has a few GPIOS already defined you should be able to hook these up and define one of the GPIO's and an input and one as an output. 



If you want to play with more realtime hardware (instead of CPU), this would be easy to make a function that initiated the pulses, and calculated the measurements and stepped a stepper motor. and did all the calculations. 


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