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Using NIOS/e/f II evaluation won't allow target connection from BSP

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I'm going through the Max 10 NIOS II Embedded Hello World lab (Using Qprime 17lite). Build my hardware system (with the 'f' NIOS core), and downloaded through JTAG, and when it completes, I get the OpenCore Plus Status, which I believe is the continual ping to the core to stay active.  


So on the software side (BSP), I want to load my elf file. How do I do this if I cannot make a target connection through JTAG? The JTAG connection is held active and captive through the programmer to keep the core active. 


This happens still with the 'e' NIOS core which the tuturial said was free to everyone. Did I miss something? I thought this could run untethered for a time without the tethering ping.  


Thanks for any help
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