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Verify failed while starting debug, but Memory Test passed.

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quartus version: 13.1.0 build 162 

board: terasic DE0-Nano 

hw: nios2 system with user components, and a lot of FPGA logic. 

sw: uC/OS with C++ code. 


when I start debugging, it says verify failed during downloading about 9 times out of 10 tries, that is, it can download and debug correctly few times. 

Using cable "USB-Blaster ", device 1, instance 0x00 Resetting and pausing target processor: OK Reading System ID at address 0x0F010000: verified Initializing CPU cache (if present) OK Downloading 04000000 ( 0%) Downloading 04010000 (44%) Downloading 04020000 (89%) Downloaded 144KB in 0.8s (180.0KB/s) Verifying 04000000 ( 0%) Verify failed between address 0x4000000 and 0x400FFFF Leaving target processor paused 


And, I have created a Memory Test Small software project from the template, runs in an on-chip ram, for testing the SDRAM, it passed the test many many times, seems there is no error about the SDRAM. 

<----> Nios II Memory Test. <----> This software example tests the memory in your system to assure it is working properly. This test is destructive to the contents of the memory it tests. Assure the memory being tested does not contain the executable or data sections of this code or the exception address of the system. Press enter to continue or 'q' to quit. Base address to start memory test: (i.e. 0x800000) > 0x04000000 0x04000000 End Address: > 0x05ffffff 0x05ffffff Testing RAM from 0x4000000 to 0x5FFFFFF -Data bus test passed -Address bus test passed -Byte and half-word access test passed -Testing each bit in memory device. . . passed Memory at 0x4000000 Okay Press enter to continue or 'q' to quit. 


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Problem solved! 

Quartus II 14.1 installed, 

No change was made to the projects except the automatic updates by Qsys. 

So, bugs in 13.1???
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