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Where to connect custom Avalon-MM Slave avalon_slave bus in Qsys?

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I've developed a custom Avalon-MM Slave and added it to my Qsys design. I need to access the custom avalon slave from the HPS so I need a master that can communicate with it. I believe the HPS is a master so can I just connect the avalon slave of the custom slave to the h2f_lw_axi_master or the h2f_axi_master interface of the hps qsys component, on the assumption that Quartus will automatically implement the master interface? If not, where should I connect my avalon_slave interface? 


What's confusing me is that the golden reference designs generally use something like a JTAG to Avalon Master Bridge to communicate with the avalon slaves but I think this just allows testing of the avalon slaves via the JTAG port, which I don't want to do.
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