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Why none getchar(), getc, fgetc() work ?

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I built a embedded system in qsys which has the jtag_uart IP. Based on default set,jtag_uart is used as stdin, stdout. I create a hello world project and it can print hello world in console. 

But after I added the command like: 


getchar(), getc(), or fgetc(), then the program can't be build. It reports errors like: "undefined reference to 'getc' ". I copy my codes as below: 

# include <stdio.h># include "..\hello_world_bsp\HAL\inc\io.h"# include "..\hello_world_bsp\system.h" 

typedef unsigned int uint; 



int main() 



printf("Hello from Nios II!\n"); 

int c; 

c= getc(stdin); 


printf("This is from UART: %d", c); 





return 0; 



I also attached the screenshot. Why these functions which use jtag_uart to read don't work? Do I missed to include any files?  


Thanks in advance.
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Anyone has idea? 


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