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archive or revision control for Eclipise project

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I am working on a project with two other enginees. We are all in very different locations and have been using Subversion revision control to keep our design files in sync. This has worked OK for all the FPGA source files but my attempts to use it for the NIOS software development have failed. 


I tried just checking in the basic project and source files but that didn't do the trick. 


I tried checking in everything, and that allowed me to check out the repository on a a similar PC that had the exact same directory structure. But it didn't work for others, as their computers were set up differently.  


I traced at least one problem to hard coded paths in the makefiles. For example, a path would be something like c:\current_project\qsys\software\main_program 


That doesn't work when my co-worker has his work space in a differnt locations, perhaps d:\sandbox\current_project\software\main_program 


So how do people deal with this? 


Is there some archive function for Eclipse that will bundle up all the essential files? 


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