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c2h error at bitmap header declaration

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Hi, I am trying to accelerate a function func_acc(). However i am getting an error during the c2h compilation. What puzzles me is that the error is triggered at the main() function, not even at the function where i am accelerating.The error is: 

../mand_sw.c:112: PARSE ERROR, ../mand_sw.c line 112 column 20 



C2H:0: C2H ERROR: "d:/altera/90/nios2eds/components/altera_avalon_c_hardware_accelerator/lex_and_yacc/c2h_cparse.exe" "P:/work/altera_c2h/sw/mandelbrot_sw/Debug/obj/mand_sw.c2h_pre" 

And the code at line 112 is: 

BITMAPFILEHEADER header; /* Bitmap header */ 


The error message is hardly helpful. Anybody who knows what is wrong here? 


One more thing; the code compiles nicely in the software only implementation. 



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