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I have a nioII/e in a cycloneIII+EPCS4 with only internal memory , an uart , a PIO and no debugger . It is run and I can dialog with the Uart , all is OK. But I must to compile with Quartus and program the EPCS4 to check new code... I have write a loop whitch can download a .HEX file in the memory. I would like to compile ( new project ), download and run code in the internal memory. How can I manage Eclipse to use the same BSP and link to a other adress (ex:0x2000) without reset and stack init ( no crt0.S or myCrt0.S). 

I use QuartusII 12.1 and NiosII 12.1  

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I have found in linker.x  

If we change reset ORIGINE and memory ORIGINE we obtain the code at the desired address ... 

For the proper hex file, modify . At the command line to the creation of the HEX file add the option --no-zero-fill
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