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device tree method + linux 2.6

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Hi all, 


I want to have uclinux on my altera dev board specifically the device tree(dts) method of specifying the hardware and running linux kernel version 2.6.30 or less.  

I downloaded nios2-linux and under the folder /linux-2.6 there is a readme file that says "Linux kernel release 3.x <>" which has me abit confused is it kernel 3.x or 2.6? 


Is this possible or does the dts method only support later kernels? 


Edit: I read somewhere that i need to use unstable-nios2mmu branch under /linux 2.6 but the only available branch is nios2mmu and test-nios2 neither of which let me choose the option to use the dts method. 

Edit1: Sorry about double post, lagged out and accidental hit submit twice  


Any help appreciated
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Please use nios2 branch. Those unstable-xx and test-xx branchs will be removed now. The current version is 3.7, and we will move to 3.10 soon. Don't worry about the dir name 2.6. If you really need older version, you may checkout v2.6.35-nios2 or 2.6.39-nios2 tag of nios2 branch. Watch out for dts attibute changes. I would suggest you start with v3.7. 


- Hippo
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