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dm9000 device tree

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Can someone give me some instructions, howto get dm9000a Ethernet card to work with latest nios2 linux community edition (kernel 3.3.0-rc7) with device tree? My development board is DE2-70 

I tried to generate the device tree structure with sopc2dts utility and I got this message "Component DM9000A of class DM9000A_IF is unknown" 

so I edited the dm9000 section in dts file to 


DM9000A: ethernet@0x940a180 { 

compatible = "davicom,dm9000"; 

reg = < 0x0940A180 0x00000008 >; 

interrupt-parent = < &cpu >; 

interrupts = < 5 >; 

}; //end unknown@0x940a180 (DM9000A) 



And added DM9000A support into kernel, 

the driver is loaded, but it doesnt recognize the dm9000 card  


io scheduler cfq registered (default) 

ttyJ0 at MMIO 0x4001020 (irq = 1) is a Altera JTAG UART 

console [ttyJ0] enabled, bootconsole disabled 

console [ttyJ0] enabled, bootconsole disabled 

dm9000 Ethernet Driver, V1.31 

mousedev: PS/2 mouse device common for all mice 

TCP cubic registered 


I tried it before with older version, configured with ptf file and it worked good, but with the newer version I cannot get it up.  

Any help would be appreciated 

Thank You
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What is the version you are developing with? 


See that: 


In the Nios II v9.0 or later, the TCP/IP includes the networking stack of the Nichstack, however, the DE2_NET project was built on the LWIP. The driver for the DM9000A should be different in the Nichstack to the LWIP. Then, if you want to migrate the DE2_Net project to Nios II v11.1, you have to create a new driver for the DM9000A at first.
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