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how to add Nios II/e core to an exsisting schematic based design

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Hello all, 


I'm new to FPGAs and Altera development tools. 


I got few questions about adding a Nios II/e core to an existing design. 


1. I have a working schematics based project with a bunch of .tdf files 

This one is controlled by a PC through a USB controller 


I need to add a Nios II/e core and do some simple control tasks of the existing hardware blocks. 


Is is possible to do that?  


2. If it is possible could anyone guide me how to interface the Nios II/e  

core with existing .tdf files? 


3. If it is not possible to interface Nios II/e with the exsisting .tdf file based project could anyone suggest a method to implement the control of existing block of files into the processor? 


Thanks a lot & Best Regards, 

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