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master_write_32 doesn't come out of master

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I have instantiated a JTAG to MM Master block in my FPGA. I can attach to it from the system console and open it without problem. 


However, when I try to do a simple write: 


master_write_32 $path 0x0 0xdeadbeef 


It doesn't come out of the master according to signaltap. 


When I try to read it back: 


master_read_32 $path 0x0 1 


I get:  


0x000000ef. - only the low-order byte 


If I write multiple words, it still takes only that one byte and it doesn't send it out. I'm guessing that it's storing it internally. 


I thought maybe I needed some kind of slave in there, so I instantiated a (redundant) Slave to Master Bridge with full address map enabled and still get the same problem. 


Any ideas what could cause this? 


Thanks in advance.
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One issue was that I was using a master from the 5M chip rather than the Arria 10 on our board. 


That's because my master wasn't showing up with get_service_paths when I used the gui, even if I gave it the proper -device switch. 


Instead, what did work was using the command line: 


quartus_sh -s 

tcl> load_package systemconsole 

tcl> initialize_systemconsole 

tcl> get_service_paths master 

[all masters are shown. My showed up as .../phy_0/master] 

tcl> master_write ... - it worked
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