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/opt/altera-linux, Local Linux Sources and Yocto

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Thanks in Advance. 


I'm working with the CycloneV SoC Development Kit.  

I've been going through all the Rocketboards stuff and been through the Altera SoC Embedded Design Suite User Guide. Things are getting clearer but I've got some questions so that I can move onto adding a daughter card off the HPS (which we've done before on other Altera evaluation boards and utilize uClinux and the NIOSII). 


PROBLEM 1: Once I get set up I'm not going to be able to be hooked to the Internet so, I read where I can point Yocto to a local set of linux sources. So, what linux sources should I get? Is this going to be a nighmare when I go to configure and build a new kernel? 


PROBLEM 2: With the uClinux and NiosII one of our custom interfaces was to a PATA compact flash (and uClinux had the drivers). Are there drivers for that for this GSRD release and if not then is it possible for me to use the GSRD and add to it easily the "misc" device drivers I need?
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